Dr. Huiping Liu's Lab

Liu lab awarded another grant from Komen

Congratulations to Liu lab for getting a grant from Komen supporting our breast cancer research! ūüôā Komen Career Catalyst Research Grant:¬†9/1/2015-8/31/2018 CCR15332826 /Direct $150,000 per year (total 450K) This grant will support the discovery of¬†novel microRNA pathways regulating breast cancer... Continue Reading →

Liu Lab awarded new grant from ACS

We have exciting news to share! Liu lab was awarded a grant from¬†ACS American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant:¬†07/01/2015-06/30/2019 ACS127951-RSG-15-025-01-CSM Direct $165,000 per year (total 660K) This grant will support finding the¬†role and signaling pathway of microRNA-30a in breast cancer... Continue Reading →

Liu Lab awarded DOD Grant!

Congratulations to the Liu lab for getting another grant!! DOD BCRP Breakthrough Level 2 BC150596: 9/30/2015-9/29/2018 Will receive $266,530/year (Total 790K for Liu Lab, Schmaier 260K for Schmaier Lab) This grant will support the "characterization of clustered CTCs to eliminate... Continue Reading →

Dr. Liu covered on 19 News – Large grant will help Cleveland doctor in cancer research

Dr. Liu was 19 News on Channel 19/43 last night!  Check out the news article and the video below!

Postdoctoral Position Open!

Are you looking for a lab to join? Are you a postdoc wanting to make an impact in cancer research? Liu lab wants you to join!! If you are interested in this position or want more information,¬†please check out the... Continue Reading →

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