This year, the Department of Pharmacology held their annual retreat on May 2 at the 1 North Michigan Conference Center in Chicago, Illinois. The retreat included many great talks by students, post-docs, and faculty from across the Pharmacology department, including two talks by our very own Valery Adorno-Cruz and Rokana Taftaf! Many members of the Liu Lab also presented posters at the event. And after a day of serious science, the lab participated in Lab Olympics, competing in events such as pipette shooting, pipette box filling, eppendorf ring toss, and pipette box stacking!

Image_1 2019-05-03_08-53-18
The Liu Lab in front of Erika’s nominated poster.
Image_4 2019-05-03_08-51-46
Valery presenting her research.
Image_2 2019-05-03_08-47-34
Valery presenting her research to the department.
Image_1 2019-05-03_08-56-03
Dr. Liu participating in the pipette tip shooting competition.
Image_1 2019-05-03_08-55-28
Ladies of the Liu Lab racing in the pipette box filling competition.