The month of July 2017 marks the achievements for Liu Cluster! We are celebrating two grant awards won by Xia Liu and Wenjing Chen for their projects. We are very proud to have you both on the team. Best wishes to both for their success in implementing their projects.



Xia Liu, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor (PI) won Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation Grant for her research project – the development of patient circulating tumor cell-derived breast cancer xenograft models, and their use for basic cancer research, preclinical drug screening, biomarker discovery and personalized medicine. Congratulations Xia!



Wenjing Chen, M.S. (co-I), an emerging young scientist, leads to winning The Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute (NBTI) pilot award (PI: Huiping Liu). The funded project is “Epigenetic Modification of Brain Tumor Cells by Reprogramming and Differentiation”. Congratulations Wenjing! Keep it up!