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Lurie Cancer Center Symposium 2019

Grad students from the Liu Lab presented their research at the 2019 Lurie Cancer Center Symposium and Scientific Poster Session. Lab member Rokana Taftaf won the Cancer Biology Cluster Travel Award for her poster on “The Role of ICAM1 in Breast Cancer Stemness and Metastasis.” Amazing work, Rokana!

Image_6 2019-09-06_22-42-46
Rokana with her award winning poster!
Image_1 2019-09-06_22-42-46
Emma presenting her project on exosome based therapeutic delivery.
Image_1 2019-09-06_22-22-22
Valery talking to other students and postdocs in cancer research.
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Lurie Cancer Survivor Celebration Walk and 5K

The Liu Lab took to Grant Park in Chicago to participate in the Lurie Cancer Center’s Survivors’ Celebration Walk and 5K along with over 3,000 other survivors, supporters, researchers, friends, and family. The event raised nearly $370,000 for cancer research and was a great way to bring the greater community together for a cause near and dear to everyone’s heart.

The Liu Lab and other cancer researchers from Northwestern come together on this beautiful Sunday in Chicago.
Image_4 2019-06-22_13-54-09
Members of the Liu Lab after finishing their 5K run.
Image_8 2019-06-22_13-54-09
Yuzhi starting the walk.
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Pharmacology Retreat 2019

This year, the Department of Pharmacology held their annual retreat on May 2 at the 1 North Michigan Conference Center in Chicago, Illinois. The retreat included many great talks by students, post-docs, and faculty from across the Pharmacology department, including two talks by our very own Valery Adorno-Cruz and Rokana Taftaf! Many members of the Liu Lab also presented posters at the event. And after a day of serious science, the lab participated in Lab Olympics, competing in events such as pipette shooting, pipette box filling, eppendorf ring toss, and pipette box stacking!

Image_1 2019-05-03_08-53-18
The Liu Lab in front of Erika’s nominated poster.
Image_4 2019-05-03_08-51-46
Valery presenting her research.
Image_9 2019-05-03_08-51-46
Rokana at her poster at the Pharmacology Retreat.
Image_2 2019-05-03_08-47-34
Valery presenting her research to the department.
Image_1 2019-05-03_08-56-03
Dr. Liu participating in the pipette tip shooting competition.
Image_1 2019-05-03_08-55-28
Ladies of the Liu Lab racing in the pipette box filling competition.
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Chinese New Year Party 2019

The Liu Lab celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Pig  with our second annual dumpling making competition. Members of the Liu Lab, the Pharmacology Department, family, and friends came together to make a total of 454 dumplings! Three teams participated in three separate competitions: dumpling making, calligraphy, and ping-pong. The Yellow team dominated with 182 dumplings. The Green team proved their hand at calligraphy, and the red team took home the ping-pong trophy. But ultimately, everyone won as we all enjoyed a delicious meal and good fun!

The extended Liu Lab family!
Dr. Liu with head of the Pharmacology Department, Dr. George, and his wife.
Image_6 2019-02-22_21-13-49
Madoka and Xia teaching Emma some Calligraphy 101.
The Yellow team– dumpling making champs!
Image_9 2019-02-22_21-23-40
The Red team hard at work.
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Lab Holiday Celebrations 2018

The Liu Lab celebrated the holidays this year with a delicious lab lunch at Indian Garden restaurant. All lab members and our support staff enjoyed a chilly Chicago December afternoon with good food and good company. The holiday celebrations continued with the Department of Pharmacology sponsored holiday party. This year’s theme was Superheros!


Image_1 2018-12-07_22-40-27
The Liu lab enjoying lunch at Indian Garden.
Image_3 2018-12-07_22-40-27
Members of the Liu Lab at our holiday outing at Indian Garden lunch outing.
Image_5 2018-12-14_13-57-03
The Liu Lab superheros at the Department of Pharmacology Holiday Party!
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Cancer Discovery Paper Publication!

Congratulations Liu Cluster Team, Especially Xia!! Great team work and tremendous efforts of Xia, Rokana, Madoka, Dr. Liu and all other team members who contributed to make it possible to publish our paper in this esteemed Journal. This achievement has provided us great inspiration to continue doing research work  to achieve our ultimate goal of finding best possible cure for Breast cancer patients.


Homophilic CD44 interactions mediate tumor cell aggregation and polyclonal metastasis in patient-derived breast cancer models
Xia Liu, Rokana Taftaf, Madoka Kawaguchi, Ya-Fang Chang, Wenjing Chen, David Entenberg, Youbin Zhang, Lorenzo Gerratana, Simo Huang, Dhwani Patel, Elizabeth Tsui, Valery Adorno-Cruz, Steven Chirieleison, Yue Cao, Allison Harney, Shivani Patel, Antonia Patsialou, Yang Shen, Stefanie Avril, Hannah Gilmore, Justin Lathia, Derek Abbott, Massimo Cristofanilli, John Condeelis, Huiping Liu



NU News Story:



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Xia Liu wins the Komen Career Catalyst Research (CCR) award March 28th, 2018

It is our pleasure to announce that our very talented lab member Xia Liu won Komen CCR award. We are very proud of you, Xia! It’s a time to celebrate your hard work!




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Chinese New Year: Dumpling Party/ Competition!! March 4th, 2018

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New publication: Wenjing Chen, Andrew Hoffmann and Xia Liu publish a review article in npj Precision Oncology February 16th, 2018

Congratulations to Xia, Andrew, Wenjing!!

“ Organotropism: new insights into molecular mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis”

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Fun Time!! Our Brides to be… February 2nd, 2018

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Rokana wins the Oncogenesis and Developmental Biology T32 fellowship November 27th, 2017

Congratulations Rokana!


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Erika wins the Carcinogenesis T32 Fellowship October 24th, 2017

Congratulations Erika!


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Valery wins 2017-18 Jay Yeh Graduate Student Award for Excellence!! October 2nd, 2017

Congratulations Valery!


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Review Publication in Trends in Cancer: Congratulations Erika and Andrew!! September 2017

Congratulations to both Erika and Andrew for their review publication in Trends in Cancer Journal, focusing on cancer stem cells as well as challenges and new strategies to prevent them from metastasizing cancer in other organs.

New Opportunities and Challenges to Defeat Cancer Stem Cells. Ramos EK, Hoffmann AD, Gerson SL, Liu H. Trends Cancer. 2017 Nov;3(11):780-796. doi: 10.1016/j.trecan.2017.08.007. Epub 2017 Sep 21. PMID: 29120754

Erika                                       Andrew

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