Dr. Huiping Liu's Lab

VeloSano 3 — Bike to cure

Dr. Liu, Xia, Valery, Nurmaa and Wenjing participated in the VeloSano 3 2016 to help support the cause.

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Spring dinner/Katelyn’s Farewell Party

The Liu lab went out to eat at Pacific East yesterday to celebrate our progress in the lab and to say bye to Katelyn!

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Chinese New Year Celebration

Our lab celebrated Chinese New Years with members from the Pathology Department who have been working diligently for us. Happy Chinese New Years everyone!

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Happy birthday, Rokana & Erika!

We celebrated Rokana’s birthday yesterday! Happy birthday to Rokana and happy early birthday to Erika!🙂

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Cool Nature Video from Valery’s Presentation

Valery shared a cool video during her presentation in lab today. It is a nice introduction to Valery’s research. Check it out!

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VeloSano 2015 – Bike to Cure

VeloSano is more than a fundraising event. It’s more than simply a bike ride. VeloSano is a movement that will unite an entire community to help one another. The goal is to bring sustainable funding to support cancer research by enlisting the passion and energy of thousands of people who wish to give back.

Dr. Liu participated in the VeloSano 2015 to help support the cause.

For more information about participating in VeloSano or donating to support cancer research, please check out this website:

Liu lab awarded another grant from Komen

Congratulations to Liu lab for getting a grant from Komen supporting our breast cancer research!🙂


Komen Career Catalyst Research Grant: 9/1/2015-8/31/2018

CCR15332826 /Direct $150,000 per year (total 450K)

This grant will support the discovery of novel microRNA pathways regulating breast cancer stem cells and metastasis  

Liu Lab awarded new grant from ACS

We have exciting news to share! Liu lab was awarded a grant from ACS

American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant: 07/01/2015-06/30/2019


Direct $165,000 per year (total 660K)

This grant will support finding the role and signaling pathway of microRNA-30a in breast cancer progression.

Liu Lab awarded DOD Grant!

Congratulations to the Liu lab for getting another grant!!

DOD BCRP Breakthrough Level 2 BC150596: 9/30/2015-9/29/2018

Will receive $266,530/year (Total 790K for Liu Lab, Schmaier 260K for Schmaier Lab)

This grant will support the “characterization of clustered CTCs to eliminate breast cancer metastasis” project.

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